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Mar 19, 2010
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Hi everyone!

I am a diehard blackberry user but follow all of the smartphone experts websites on a regular basis and I have become more and more interested in Android lately. I have a renewal from VZW coming up soon and I'm trying to decide what phone to get. I've become frustrated with BB for many reasons recently and am leaning towards an N1. I was hoping you guys could help me decide or at least point me in the right direction of some more info on how Android compares to BB on certain issues. (not trying to start a comparison "I'm better than you" war. I just own a BB so that's my frame of reference and I know what it can and can't do really well)

My biggest concerns about Android (without having any real time to play with one) are Email, multitasking, and typing. These may not be problems with Android, I just haven't used one long enough to know.

I have a lot of POP3 email accounts such as cox or verizon as well as gmail and yahoo. I know the gmail and yahoo will work fine, but what about the others. Also is it easy to have all the email accounts registered on the device and all going to the same place (similar to a BB) or would I need to open up each account separately to view the email?

I've briefly seen Android multitasking in action and it didn't seem as smooth and BB or obviously WebOS (was planning on going that rout, but just doesn't seem like a wise choice given recent events). I didn't like the fact that there didn't seem to be an easy was to see everything that is open and running in the background and close what you wanted. If there is a way to do that, please let me know and I'll try it on my friend's Droid.

Anyone using an N1 that came form a BB? How do you feel about the typing experience? Its obviously/hopefully much better than a Droid, but can it even come close to a BB or iPhone?

Thanks a lot for any info or opinions. Feel free to troll my newbie ass:rolleyes:

Edit: When referring to a BB typing, I'm obviously talking about a real BB :) not a Storm or Storm2
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Nov 2, 2009
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I too can from a BB storm > Tour > and then Droid.

I like typing on a touch screen more then a physical keyboard after owning the storm for a few months. The Droid is pretty good in landscape just like the storm was but it does take some time. When I first got the storm I hated the on screen keyboard but after a couple of months I increased my typing speed.

I have 2 yahoo accounts that I just have forwarded to my gmail account so its push mail so I can't answer your questions about the other accounts.

I would say its just as good as a Blackberry I haven't had any problems with it so far. And for closing programs running in the background you don't need to worry about that your Android will manage them for you closing when needed that is one of the benefits compared to a Blackberry where you always worrying about how much memory you have left.

I did really like my storm and tour (ok I didn't like my storm that much) but after getting the Droid I was amazed how much of a better device it is and I will never look back at another Blackberry again.