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Feb 6, 2011
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I bought a new (transcend 4gb class) sd card to replace the original. somehow I messed up. The card is now ruined. I ordered a new one so I want to make sure this doesn't happen again. I will list what happened last time incase someone can point out what I did wrong. I have never switched cards so I just guessed.

I put original card in my computer and copied (not moved) the files. Then put new card in and formatted with windows xp, then again with download from then copied files to card. When I put it in my phone my phone kept freezing bad, Wouldn't read anything from card but did say how much total + avail memory was on card. (yesterday I put an extra 1gb card with only music on it in the phone and it didn't freeze and read the card, phone isn't the problem)

So I unmounted card and hit format on phone, remounted card, then used usb to comp and began transferring files. on the 5th file my comp said error unconnected, my phone said card damaged reformat. The phone or comp won't format the card. My comp says 0 total and avail memory. So the card is ruined I guess.

My new card should be here anyday. Can anyone see anything I did wrong? how should I switch cards? Should I format the new card, if so by comp or let phone do it? Is it better to transfer by usb or put the card in comp and transfer? Sorry so long, any help is greatly appreciated!


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Dec 6, 2010
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Best way to switch cards is put the new card on the phone and use the phone to format it then if you have an adapter for the card, plug in your old card to that adapter then that to the computer then move the files from the old card to the new card.
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