Help flashing (Pensacola)?


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Oct 7, 2010
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I think it's about time to root & flash this thing, even if an "official" 2.2 is released by ATT. If anyone is passing thru the Pensacola area and has a few minutes to help walkthrough the first time..I'm not 100% sure of doing it without a little experience...thx!
Jan 14, 2011
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Hey, just follow connexion2005's videos. They are incredibly thorough, easy to follow, and include absolutely everything you'll need to successfully flash the rom of your choice. Once you successfully complete the process one time, it'll be smooth sailing from then on. Add to that the feeling of accomplishment you'll get having successfully tinkered with your device.

Oh, and check out bay_wolf's awesome tool. [PROGRAM] AIO Captivate Toolbox (Restores Stock, Roots, Installs Custom, & Sideloads) - xda-developers This will root, sideload apps, and install the rom of your choice for you.