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Help - Got a New Kindle Fire and I don't know what I did wrong!


New member
Sep 12, 2013
Got a new Kindle Fire today and attempted to put on all of my Ebooks (around 5gb worth of PDFS) I have them carefully arranged into folders but I saw that the Kindle Fire HD (7.4.6 as of now) was quite lacking in that regard.

My Kindle was a 7.1.2 (I think) when I received it and started using it this morning however I saw a youtube video on how to root the kindle and became interested. I used a different sites guide (Idiots Guide to Root the Kindle - but whilst I was doing it, my Kindle updated to 7.4.6) I ran the adb exe file and now when I connect my Kindle to the computer I cannot put files on it. I factory reset my kindle, but I think the problem is on my computer. When I go to 'safely remove' my kindle it calls it a Android ADB Interface device, and my kindle has a notification that comes up when I plug it in saying USB Compatibillity - Some Computers require a free file transfer ability...etc etc. which directs me to the amazon kindle support site - it told me to download Windows Media Player (which it now says is not compatible with my computer - Windows 7) - so now I'm a bit annoyed at myself for being dumb on my first rooting operation (my goal was to make it look like an android tablet with a tonne of folders containing all my PDFs - nothing anything more ambitious than a aesthetic nice interface and a lot of folders.

Help me?

Many thanks in advance, and please tell me to elaborate on anything if you need it.