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HELP: HTC ONE m7 Black Screen with permanently lit up keys.


New member
Jun 14, 2014
Hi there,

I've been looking allover online to try and see if I can fix the problem my self before I go to my carrier.

Last night I had a successful video call on Skype for the first time since I have downloaded it, but after ending the call the screen went black. I pushed the power button and it turned on showing that I have yet to hang up. When I tried to end it again it turned the screen off all together. I tried turning it on and no luck all is flashing keys. Therefore, I thought that it had no charge so I plugged it in. After 4 hours, I got it and tried turning it on but to my luck, the keys were still flashing. So I charged some more. Two more hours after I tried again, with no such luck its still the same. So, I started searching online.

I was told to:
  • Hold the POWER button
  • Hold the POWER button then the DOWN button when the keys flash.
  • Hold the Down button then the POWER, then release the keys when the light flash.
  • Hard boot my phone by pressing the POWER and Down Buttons at the same time.
  • Call the phone, then tilt the phone.
  • Call the phone, then touch the phone.
  • Hold the phone to a light source and reset.

I have tried these methods multiple times with no luck. When I tried to call my phone it was actually on, it rang and vibrated until i click the rocker. then after a while it went to voicemail. With the last method, after holding it to the light and resetting, the keys went permanently on. When I hold the power button or any combination, I just end up with flashing keys but no reset. The last thing I'm going to try is to run the battery down. I hope it works but I am very doubtful.

I do hope that someone can help me, I'd hate to think my phone will just be a piece of useless slab of metal.

P.S. The LED indicator has been green like when I have a new message or something.


New member
May 21, 2014
Look like light/proximity ensor issue or mal function.
Try to read something about it

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