Help!! LG Optimus V Wont Recieve any Data 3g arrows missing


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Aug 30, 2011
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:confused:This is my first thread. I am a proud owner of a LG Optimus V and i love it. Im a techy so i run alot of apps and such. My phone is not rooted. I dont have the gutz for that yet. but i ve had my phone sincce the beginning of august. Recently,after hurricane irene, my phone didnt have any service. once it returned every thing was fine. A little later my cell wouldnt let me connect to any thing that required internet. and my 3g/1x arrows where missing. My data is on in the settings, ive restarted that and my phone. i went to activate in my apps drawer and it said come back later with some error code. idk what to do. i would like some assistance...........................................itjus started working.T_T:-\ but in the mean me what i would have to do in case it would happen agin.

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Mar 3, 2011
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Welcome to AC!!!

You should probably post this in the Optimus V forum if you wish for responses. There will be more users there that maybe have a better answer than me ;)

But I'll guess, after the hurricane, many cell transmission towers are down, and your service will be sporadic at best. Not to mention intermittant power outages.

Yes, I have been through several hurricanes.

Your best bet, is to wait about a week or so, then contact your provider (carrier) if you have bad problems. Usually, a reboot on the phone fixes most issues if everything else is normal.

Give them time to clean up the mess ;);)

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