Help me pick a new flagship - Coming from iPhone 8 Plus


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Mar 23, 2015
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As title says. I tend to switch phones a lot and am looking for opinions on my next phone. I was all Android for a long time - last few were Note 4, 5. LG V20, G6, Moto X Pure, Nexus 5x, 6p, etc..... I switched to Apple when most of my friends and family were on Apple and they all used iMessage of course and it was easier to send a ton of photos of kids. I also got tired of dealing with nagging lag issues that popped up after several months of heavy use. Had a iPhone 7, moved to 8 Plus, moved to XS and then returned XS. XS honestly did not impress! I had all the common bugs with charging and dropping LTE/Wifi and it just bothered me that a $1000 phone has those bugs! Nothing wrong with my 8+ but I dislike being so locked down to the point I cant even arrange my stupid icons the way I want!

My usage and importance -

Work!! - lots of emails. Fair amount of texts and some voice calls.

Photos - I take a lot since I have 3 little boys and we take a lot of weekend trips.

Battery - I love the battery on the 8+. Been among the best of any phone owned. I killed the XS daily very easily.

Lag - hate it!

Bluetooth - I stream music a lot in my car and via wireless headphones. I do own wired headphones but hate dongles.

Dont care about gaming much (I basically only play SWGOH lately).

Been looking at pretty much everything - Note 9, Mate 10 Pro, Oneplus 6 and 6T, Pixel 2 XL and 3, Mi Mix 2, V40, etc...

I dont have a budget really but if I can save some cash I will obviously. Right now I can get the Note 9, Mate 10 Pro, 1+ 6, Pixel 2 XL all for about the same money with current deals and rebates. Right about $500-650 range for those.

Thoughts? Right now my front runner is actually the Mate 10 Pro. It was the P20 Pro but lack of real US support worries me a bit should anything happen. Pixel 3 XL was pretty "meh" from the reveal event and that notch is flipping huge. I dont hate notches but come on! Second runner up was the Oneplus 6/6T. 6T is supposed to be launched on T Mobile so that is a plus but I sort of like the specs on the older 6 better. Maybe wait to see what the Mate 20 Pro looks like?


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May 1, 2010
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I love the Note9. I've had the Note 5 & 7. I then gave the iPhone 7 plus a try. I'm not an Apple ecosystem guy, so I found iPhone not as useful or easy to use with the rest of the tech world. I then got a Note8 and now the Note9.
The 3.5 mm jack is a huge plus. I've always found the lack of one to be a huge loss on other phones.
I'm a big S Pen user. I use it with notes app and pic editing apps alot. I also do frequent PowerPoint presentations, and using the phone hooked up to a big screen with the S Pen being used to progress through the slides is awesome.
Big plus for sticking with Samung Notes is the smart switch. Starting out with the new phone automatically set up (pages, apps, settings) is great.

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