Help me pick a Verizon Droid phone!!

Which phone should i get?

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Sep 9, 2011
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Hello, Im going to get a new phone soon. Im on Verizon, and currently have the env touch. Since its not a smartphone, Im going to take advantage of the Verizon's "trade in your basic phone for a smartphone and get a $100 gift card" deal.

Im sure that I want a droid, not an iphone or anything. Im stuck to decide between a couple choices. The ones Ive picked out are the: bionic, droid 3, incredible 2, and thunderbolt.

I know that the bionic is the best out of them, but Im not too sure if i want to fork over $300 for a phone, so unless it really is worth it, I probably won't want to get that one. The thunderbolt would be my next choice, but i hear the battery is too short.

For the droid 3, i like how it has an actual keyboard, but i can totally manage with a touch-only.

having a 4G-lte phone isnt really a necessity to me because A) it isnt even where i live, and probably wont be for a while, and B) i will have to have the infamous 2GB data cap, so ill be using wifi mostly. Nevertheless, i would still love to have 4g, but i dont NEED it....

I would like the phone to have good storage capacity, and be fast with a good processor and RAM. it also needs to be durable because i need it to last the full 2 years.

so i need some opinions based on people who have owned or had experience with these phones on which i should get.:)
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Aug 10, 2011
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Ah your in the boat with me. Env Touch.

Well you dont have to fork over the 300$, only around 200$ with the trade in your phone, wait your allowed to use it for a phone right? then Costco has the bundle deal, so you get more for the price (only new, or re-new too?)

Well like good ol aaron from phonedog says, to future proof yourself by getting a 4g device, with the Bionic you can turn it off so you dont have to waste the battery trying to connect to 4g.
The Incredible to has 16gb on storage, you can add a sd card (does it come with it?)
The Bionic is fast due to its duel-core processor. Motorola should be durable. I say the BIonic or Droid 3 as those are my choices.
Also pretty much MotoBlur or HTC Sense. (or touch wiz if your looking at a samsung device)
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Jul 27, 2011
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I wouldn't concern yourself with a hardware keyboard. I used to be a against the touch keyboard, but, now that I have one, I wouldn't want to go back. I'm sure I'd be more accurate with a hardware keyboard, but, wasting space for a hardware keyboard when you can have one displayed on technology that already needs to be on the phone seems silly. Why get a bulkier phone with a keyboard when it could be smaller OR have more hardware added for power in that space.

Yea, I don't know that 4G is really an issue for you. But, like TechTinker said, you can turn it off. Then again, if it's not in your area, why pay for a phone that has it.

Also, like TechTinker said, you should get your phone from Costco. They have great deals and pricing and give you some okay stuff like maybe a car charger when you get your phone through them. They give you 14 days to bring back the phone and get out of contract, and, they give you 90 days to switch phones but stay in contract. So if you are on the fence, this would be a good option for you as you'd have 90 days to test drive whichever you go with. Also, it's Costco, so, if you have any issues, I would assume they'd be extremely helpful. I'm not sure how it works since it's a third party vendor selling you the phone, but, I would hope that it's still backed by Costco and their amazing return policy and customer service. They have NEVER let me down, which is why they get so much of my business. I've returned desktop PCs to them before, no questions asked.

You might want to consider the X2 as well. It's what I have, and, it seems to meet all of your requirements. It's dual core, so, it's peppy. 4 GB internal with 8 GB Micro SD. And it is very durable. Solidly built and seems to be drop proof. I bought a protective case for like 5 bucks off ebay, and, I've dropped it plenty, as has my girlfriend, and, both of our phones are fine. I got my X2 for 100, maybe 125 bucks at Costco in June. So, might even be able to get a better deal on it now.

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