help me please! ROM Manager not working correctly!


Dec 12, 2010
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My ROM manager updated like 3+ times this week and now i can no longer flash clockworkmod recovery, i get an error saying an error occured while downloading from server? this never happened before the updates and i also cant look at the past recoveries its telling me its my SD card (wrong) or internet (WHICH WORKS JUST FINE WITH OR WITHOUT WIFI!) WTF? the last time i forgot and didnt flash recovery and when i tested my recovery my phone was bricked, leaving me to do an advanced recovery of the boot and system seperatly and i dont wanna take that chance again bc i doubt ill be as lucky. any ideas? or should i try again after the next update or 4?

AND PLEASE DONT RECCOMEND TITANIUM... im not paying for it and im definatly not gunna sit and back up every file on my phone one at a time SCREW THAT!