help me with honeycomb please!


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Sep 16, 2011
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Okay so i need a bit of my own topic because of this unique situation.

I am a student of one of the three schools involved in a project with barnes and nobles.
We have experimentally been issued nook colors to ease our book load. We will be working on british literarure. All of which is taken from project gutenberg.
This being so. Barnes and nobles has made it so that we cannot download any nook apps frrom the store onto our devices.

This is obviously frustrating and i have been trying to run honeycomb to be able to actually enjoy the nook.
Is it nessessary to root? If so, how dangerous is that? If i brick it, i gotta pay 250 up front...

I downloaded the honeycomb img file, unzipped with winrar, and wrote it on an 8gb sd card like all instructions point to using the correct program (i forgetthe name and actions involved, but i know theyre corect). The 4gb file takes up maybe a single gb when on the sd card... maybe somethings up with the burn?
I put the card in the nook, and....... nothing.

What could be wrong?
Everything is exactly the same.


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Aug 8, 2010
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It sounds like the ISO file may not have burned correctly. There is also a chance that B&N changed some of the base programming and it may not boot from SD the same as the regular versions. I would try re-burning your image. Might also be a good idea to try CM7 instead of a HC ROM. You should be OK as far as not bricking as long as you stick with the SD and don't flash anything to the hardware.


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May 21, 2011
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You mean B&N gave you (and your school) Nook Colors for free to be part of a project with certain restrictions and you still want to bypass those restrictions for your own needs? I'm not really sure anyone here should be helping you with that. How about you buy your own Nook Color to experiment with?