Help me with my Oreo update


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Sep 18, 2018
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Okay I'm in the UK and I've got a VS995 which does not seem to be able to connect to HSPA+ or LTE (Can get 3g, makes calls, texts and internet) or at least all it's displaying in the status bar is 'H'. A problem I'm trying to get to the bottom of even though I've done my homework and on paper it definitely should all work fine. I'm also aware Verizon has rolled out globally a long awaited update bringing Oreo to the phone. I'm not sure what to think but it might be a problem with the modem drivers with the Nougat ROM from Verizon, or something wrong with the antennae as I've tried all sorts of settings which work fine with all my other devices.

I'm thinking that if I can update the phone it might resolve my issues but trying to do this via the phone itself is futile and all it tells me is I'm on the latest version, other people in the UK with this exact phone have been offered the Oreo update. Now I've downloaded the VZW utility application and LG Bridge along with LG usb drivers to my Win10 PC. But I still can't get a connection or it seems to connect and immediately disconnects after I tick a box concerning some legal documents. I did see in device mgr the LG usb drivers but after a reboot they seem to have disappeared!

So either the LG software is pance or I'm not doing things right. So here goes I'm here to ask you knowledgeable folk how do I get my hands on the Oreo update and what software/drivers should I install to update my phone from the PC?

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