Help! My phone is sending out Group Texts!


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Aug 20, 2013
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Whenever I try to send an individual text to a certain, specific person, the phone turns it into a group text and sends the message to about 25 people. I normally use Handcent for texting, but this mass text happens even when I use the standard texting app.

This person did use to be in my contacts, but I have even tried to completely delete him from my address book. When I compose a new txt to him, I manually input his phone number. It all looks normal until after I hit send, then it shows that it is sending this txt to an entire group. When I look in my "Contacts" list, there is one group in there, but it consists of only 13 people. This group text my phone is sending is going out to about 25. At one point, I probably did forward a text message to a group of people that included him, but I always go through and manually select who gets what messages.

The same thing happens if he sends me a text and I respond. My reply is converted into a group text. His number is the only one I have run across that seems to cause this weird problem. I have looked through every setting I can think of, and I can't find anything that would have anything to do with this.

I have a Galaxy S3 and running the latest version Android.

Has anyone else run across this problem? Any idea on how I can fix it?

Thank you.


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