Help needed Droid X amd Bluetooth


Nov 13, 2010
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I moved my Audible account (audio Books)to my Droid and got myself a car dock. Works great but a real pain when I need to use the phone.
I went out and got myself a Plantronics Bluetooth and love it(I drive a Semi) and my calls are crystal clear!
The problem is when I have the bluetooth on the audio that once played thru the aux. to the stereo now will only come thru the ear piece. I am back to square one.
Is there a way to play my MP3's/Audio books thru the aux jack and still use my Bluetooth ear piece.
How in the world would you use the phone in the car dock using the MP3 player or GPS for that matter.
Is there a setting I am missing or a app I need...PLEASE HELP!!! Talk about a kick in the rear!!!
Thnx Chuck


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Sep 1, 2010
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Sure. I think this will work for you. Basically, go into the Bluetooth settings, and then long press on your plantronics device, and then select options. On the options screen, uncheck the Media option. Leaving only Phone checked off. This will only activate the Handsfree/Headset profile, and leave the A2DP profile deactivated. With the A2DP deactivated, your music or books you play will go through the normal means as they did before you added the bluetooth, while the calls that you receive/make will go through your plantronics bluetooth device.

Hope that helps you.
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