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I have bought this Korean version of the Galaxy Note Edge from a friend of mine and I restored a stock firmware for the version. However after doing so I lost my bootlogo not the boot animation which is from the SK Telecom. I lost the Samsung Logo on boot it shown random colors scrambled like the phone is not functional. Then after the same time as the bootlogo used to appear the animation starts and the phones starts just fine.

Problem now is that when i keep the phone turned on the phone works fine, besides the USB connection. Earlier i used to hook up my phone with a USB cable the phone used to pop up a notification asking me for MTP or Camera mode for USB. Now i don't get that.

Another thing is that when i leave the phone for standy by that is when my phone is not switched off by kept the screen off for more then 5 seconds i can't bring it back up instantly. It takes a lot of time for it to wake up and at times it just doesn't wake up or when it does it shows a MODEM CRASH!! error.

Can anyone help me restore this phone back?


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Dec 30, 2015
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Nothing seemed to work. However if i flash the stock rom (N915SKSU2COJ4_N915SSKC2COJ4_N915SKSU0COJ3_HOME.tar) directly using Odin either by .md5 format or the .tar format which i downloaded from it works fine.
However i realized that my Samsung Boot logo is also gone now instead there is a garbage colored screen which shows up sometimes even the last time running app or screen displays as the boot screen. And at times my screen won't turn on, or you can say the mobile gets so slow that it takes forever for it to light up again.

I believe that my partitions are messed up. Is there a way for me to restore all partitions now?
The phone is running on the same rom I was running before i started all this. However it not has issues like i mentioned above. Also the USB MTP or USB Storage doesn't working when i connect my phone to the computer either. But it connects as soon as i put it in the Odin Download mode. So i can still flash using Odin.