HELP Note II stuck on start screen, how can I get into my phone?


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Nov 1, 2012
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HELP Note II stuck on start screen

Dear all. I have a note II that has gone wild. The phone was working fine but then I received a note 4 and put the note 2 aside. Then I was trying to install root and was able to do so by installing TWRP V2.8.3 and everything went smooth and the phone was rooted. I then used the phone for a while but switched to the note 4 after. Now, 5 months after, I wanted to check something on my olde note II. I charged the phone and switched it on but it was stuck on the Galaxy note II screen I rebooted then rebooted but still the same. I went in the TWRP recovery to try to do something but I was not able to because it says that it cant mount storage, cant mount efs, cant mount data, cant mount cache and cant mount system.
Then I have decided to install the firmware image from zipped file but that did not work as it sees that the internal and external storage are 0 and cant mount them.

Then I opted to try and install the firmware PDA through Odin but that also did not work as Odin was not able to detect the phone. Now I'm clueless and not sure what to do the only thing I'm able to do is boot in TWRP recovery and that is all. Can any one help.

My phone had the latest official rom from samsung the 4.4.2

Please help

Ok now I'm in a worse situation. I have managed to get to the download mode and connected it to ODIN and tried to flash with the stock rom but at the end of the writing process it failed and started to get a message on the phone to connect my device to kies and try again. I tried that but did not do anything. Then I tried Odin again but this time I unticked the auto reboot. then clicked start. The same thing happened as before and writing failed now though my phone is blank it does not show anything and it does not want to turn on and no LED that is turning on nor the charging icon. I searched the net and someone suggested that the battery is damaged. I replaced the battery but still no go. Please I really need to get that phone back alive. I think I bricked it. any ideas or directions to help me with this annoying case. I cant even boot to recovery nor download please help
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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: HELP Note II stuck on start screen

Plug the charger in and leave it plugged in for 24 hours, then see if anything changes.