Help! Optimus Q will not boot stuck at CWM!


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Mar 9, 2012
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Okay so I had a custom ROM loaded on the phone CyanBreadX and everything was working fine. Well just got a new phone and wanting to sell this one so without even thinking about it I did a factory reset and it brought me to the CWM page. Now I can't even get into Android get the error E: Bad boot message "recovery." I tried to copy the CyanBreadX zip back onto the sd and install again through Clockwork but even though it says install complete still just brings me back to the CWM recovery. If anyone knows something I could try I would greatly appreciate the help!



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Jul 24, 2012
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I don't if it will help for the OQ but I have the OV and I as well make the factory reset no no. So it seems that even after reflashing the ROM it just does a recovery boot loop. Well the CWM Recovery doesn't have an option to fix this. However you can get the Cannibal Touch Recovery and there is a ZIP file you can flash with CWM and then when you reboot youll be in the Cannibal Recovery. New wipe everything as you would normally do b4 flashing a ROM. After the new ROM and gapps are flashed reboot if you come back into recovery this time dont wipe anything just go to Advanced menu and then fix recovery boot loop! I hope this helps let me know.
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