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Help! phone wont connect to the network

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i have an htc 10 and i had the battery replaced yesterday. and now my phone wont connect to the network. in the network setting it says
Operator name: unknown
Signal strength:(nothing)
Mobile network type: Unknown
Service state: Radio off
Roaming: not roaming

Ive tried doing research and many different things i dont want to have to do a factory reset. the company that replaced the battery opened the phone again today to check the connections and make sure everything was correct. Ive tried doing the ##update # and changing some settings like that nothing has worked ive tried contacting sprint and doing some of their suggestions nothing is working.

just to give all the information. when they company replaced the battery they broke the screen the touch still works on the main part of the screen and the fingerprint sensor works but bringing the drop down menu does not and neither do the back or multitask buttons on the bottom will have a new screen in a few days and probably not related but i wanted to give all info that might help

ive tried putting my sim card in my wifes phone it worked in hers but hers did not work in mine.

sounds like this is a modem issue possibly. i have an htc U12+ on the way when its finally released but i need this phone working for the time being. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. if you need any more information please let me know.

Laura Knotek

Moderator Captain
Jan 8, 2011
Welcome to Android Central.

Would you be able to return the phone to the repair shop in order to have them do a proper repair?


Active member
Jun 6, 2010
I'm bringing it back in Thursday or Friday they are replacing the screen but they opened it up again today and said everything was connected properly and looked good inside. I don't know if their is something in particular they need to look at next time but I've read a few forums where phone have shutoff due to Low Battery and had the same issues I'm having right now