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Jan 4, 2016
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So, long story short sort of. I'm livid. My lovely fiance and I argued and he put a long on his cell just to be immature. So I did the same. But I put an individual lock on every since app hahah. I thought it was funny. Well when I fall asleep he looks and gets pissy. He isn't great with phones fyi he thinks he is but isn't. He decides to use Dr.Fone and Undeletr to hack and bypass my ever security and my back up security. Goes through all my stuff. Then somehow he manages to delete all my download history. All of my pictures & videos, 900 songs, and all my documents. Now, luckily my one drive auto updates and saves my pictures.... but it doesn't or didn't do my music or documents. With that being said, yes I had a few apps where I backed up my apps along with music, we'll everything on my phone for that matter and somehow he managed to delete those as well.... along with putting spyware on my cell. So... there's no way I can retrieve my songs and documents is there? I had tried wonders hare, Dr. Done, and numerous other things that supposedly can recover deleted stuff such as that. But it says you aren't supposed to use your phone right after the deletion happened or you may over right where the items were on your phone. Too late as he was on there for quite some time afterwards. And I didn't realize until the morning. But it said it's possible.. ONLY if I were to root my phone. I'm pensive on it. I don't want to possibly brick my phone. I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. 5.1.1. I could pay that one click root from their site but it's like $60! Any suggestions or am I screwed?

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