Help please :( for HTC one

Krish Sami

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Feb 28, 2014
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well i got the phone like 2 days ago from eBay in Australia where i live, and the seller was also in Australia. i rooted my htc one and unlocked it and used recovery clockwork mod, i think i downloaded something which wasn't the right file because it as an update for sense 5.5 (my phone has sense 5.0) (which was also the main point of why i did this and i don't think i want to do it any more) and that update was for a different version 4.3 (my phone was 4.2.2) so i basically screwed up my phone... and i think i bricked it, i couldn't go to the lock screen or whatever and i could only go to bootloader and recovery. i am so scared right now, i don't know what to do and i would really appreciate some help please. i also played around with all in one kit for htc and i did some stuff which i regret cos it changed some things, cos now im stuck in bootloader. my phone is now TAMPERED, RELOCKED and has a SECURITY WARNING... and i cant go to recovery.
so for the whole afternoon i was trying to look for help and most of them said try RUU, and i don't know which one to get.. for Australia and for the htc one international.
should i do something else, like a different software? or
can u guys help me find the RUU i need?(a link to download or the name for the download would be awesome :) ) or
am i totally screwed (please tell if i am)?
Please help i am so scared right now...
and thanks you if u can help or not
if there are any questions regarding to the phone like if its locked or unlocked, please ask and i will respond( i really want to fix this)
thanks for your time.