help please!!!! i messed up my vm wildfire s 2.3.4


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Dec 23, 2012
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i was able to unlock my bootloader with htc method. i then tryed severl methods of flashing clockwork mod via usb but was unable to figure out cmd prompt on vista. tryed to copy and paste directly from a couple different sites. i did something in bootloader that caused it to bootloop but was able to do factory reset. i found a method that came from insync 71 Stock 2.3.4, Sense 2.1[Rooted][Apps2sd][Virgin Mobile US]- Only for marvelc 510c and didnt think it worked but it did. i ended up rooted with superuser and all kinds of cool new goodies. i removed some unnecessary apps using one of the toolboxes off of google playstore then i messed up some how but read some stuff about that toolbox that said it sometimes causes phone to freeze and bootloop. i decided to back up my phone in bootloader and it did but when it restarted it stuck on white screen w htc logo. since then i cant get it to do anything but reboot and go to boot loader i i have gotten it to go to recovery but it doent go through i tryed resetting it but it just boots to white screen. i plug up charger and no light comes on. i have forced it to go into recovery mod a couple times with the volume keys but it freezes. i am lost and dont know what to do. p.s i tryed all the one click methods also