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Okay so i bought this phone from MetroPCS And Under The Mobile Network Settings/Network Operators. And When Searching For Networks theres a list of networks, There MetroPCS, T-Mobile, Verizon. And Recently a setting Named 313100 Popped up. Does Anyone Know what that is.. i Can choose any network but when i try to choose that one it says i cant join that Network... Is my phone Hacked.. i remeber i had a government phone and i beleive my ex GF hacked or maybe HiJacked my phone Cause when i was using her wifi i was very limited of what Sites i was able to Veiw and Open Sources was popping up on my phone for some reason. alot of random certificates would always pop up. Like as if they were being installed Thru Bluetooth without my knowledge. And my location would always turn on when i leave the house. and also I found alot of Instant apps for example. Exchange.Google, Bluetooth was always turning on and one time i seen something was downloaded in recent downloads but it seemed as if the menu wouldnt pop up till they were done were being installed. Also On my email there was always Random Android Phones being labeled under My devices in Google Mail Devices. i even saw her phone model on my list.. whats going on?

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! The phone should automatically choose the correct network. It may be that the phone was also designed to run on Verizon's network as well, but since you have a MetroPCS SIM inserted, you can't select Verizon anyway.

What do you mean a setting called 313100 popped up? Where are you seeing that?

Chances are that your phone has not been hacked. This is pretty rare.