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Gayle Lynn

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Jun 20, 2016
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Wish Samsung Internet was better at showing Reader View. Ideally to show articles on some sites always that way. Automatically.

Safari has no problem. But it won't work with a URL that has social link reference tagged onto the end such as this - from "Android 11 Interview" on Ars.

Because of how links are parsed on this site here's the offending part of url that comes after "?"

Those links to Amazon products? Often have used and session, maybe where on a page the link was so Amazon "knows."

Blocking 3rd party cookies? They've got you with url. And popups that block access to articles

"In January, Google said it would phase out third-party cookies on its Chrome browser, making it harder for advertisers to track our browsing habits"


Anything from ? on is extraneous and prevents the Reader View button in URL area from displaying.

Samsung Internet is good and I've used it for years, I would never even allow Chrome to be installed or enabled. Edge is my backup web browser. Tried and tired of setting up others.

I guess knowing where you clicked on a link is just too important to the click-bait gods of advertising $$.

I use the web a lot and Safari, not imessage, is strong reason I use ipad and iphone.

I really don't use many or most of the features of smart phones. The size/weight and how it fits in my hand are paramount.

Open links in new tab or background is so obvious but why do some browsers make it either/or? Is it that hard to offer both? A place where Safari and other browsers fail.
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Feb 12, 2012
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You can always install Safari and switch the default browser to it. ((Clear defaults on Chrome. The next time you tap a link the phone will ask which browser to use, and whether to use it just once, or always. Always makes it the default browser.)

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