Help somebody has my phone, can I turn it on to find it?


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help somebody has my phone

Yesterday someone stold my xperia z,than i used ANDROID MANAGER but before i did that i went to the police and reported that my phone was stolen and provided them full phone specs. and IMEI number etc..
Went to my operator and canceled phone number but get a new one that is the same and registered on my account to get my contacts and settings back.
Now the problem is i try to locate my old phone but it is not showing anywhere and the only phone i see is the new one,how can i add that stolen phone that was also on the same account and if turned on i could see it.
Please help


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: help somebody has my phone

You can't, but the phone can't be connected to any network, since the IMEI is reported stolen. You can try turning your phone off, then looking for a location history for yesterday to see where it went before you got the new one. (If you get it, print it out and give the map to the police. Then someone will hear black helicopters, or whatever they do where you are.)