Help to fix no media and system sound..


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Mar 30, 2014
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Hello.. I'm using Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 with original Gingerbread. I was testing my external speaker and playing music from my phone. When I plugged out the 3.5 mm ext speaker connector from my phone, suddenly I got the sound issue. There is no sound from the speakerphone when I played songs in the music player, touch sound, screen lock and system sound are not working. I've tried to adjust the media and system volume but there is no sound. But for other volume (ringtone, alarm, and notification), the sound just work well.. For music the sound will work through headphone/earphone.. But, the last time I used headphone to listen the music, when I plugged in the headphone, the music player automatically opened and the song keep automatically changed and paused by itself.. I've searched and tried several way to fix this like connect and plug the headphone over and over, blowing the connector hole, I even dissembled the phone to check the speaker connector, I tried to reinstall the gingerbread and hard reset, but didn't help.. Is there anyone can help me with this issue? Thanks..