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Help!! Unable to print/save as PDF from mobile

Brandi Rubio

New member
Nov 28, 2020
Im on a samsung galaxy s9, ive rebooted phone, cleared caches from all system and downloaded printing and pdf related apps, ive reset all phone settings, uninstalled and reinstalled print service plug-ins, and nothing works. I grt an error message when i hit 'save as pdf" button on print preview screen telling me to check the printer I'm using and my screen reverts back to doc/page ive tried printing to pdf. I check downpoad folder only to find that the pdf that was supposedly generated is 0gb and no file actually saved. Need help asap as i had been able to print and save as pdf without issues in the past. Any help is appreciated!!


AC Moderator
Feb 6, 2017
Hi, welcome to AC!

You using the stock built in pdf?

Have you tried going into settings >apps>3 dots upper right corner tap and reset app preferences?