Help? Unlocked Metro phone using can't send/receive MMS even with a new MMS APN.


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Apr 4, 2021
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I apologize if I don't put this in the proper sub forum, I'm new and desperate.

I bought a Galaxy J7 Star off Amazon a couple of years ago because my boss offered to put me on the company line. The phone turned out to be an unlocked Metro PCS phone, but it seemed to work perfectly fine.

One UI version:

Android version:

Lately the phone has been frustrating slow accessing the network. Making calls has been especially tough. I need my phone for work so I'm excruciatingly aware of how much the network has seemingly degraded over recent months (though I don't really understand all the network stuff).

One suggestion, among several, was that I should manually set T-Mobile's APN. I was yesterday years old when I realized my phone, which has been on a T-Mobile plan for 2 years, was still tied to Metro by T-Mobile's APN. (Which gets low-tier treatment during high-congestion, right? Which could explain the recent problems?)

So I entered the T-Mobile APN per the T-Mobile website. Everything seemed to be in perfect working order. But then I realized MMS wasn't working. I played with the settings for hours without success. Eventually I learned that I could make another, separate APN profile for MMS, so I did that too (again using T-Mobile's instructions). Even with a second APN profile specifically for MMS I could neither send nor receive MMS.

The only way I can receive MMS is by defaulting to the Metro APN. But this doesn't solve my original problem of having horrible, work-crippling network issues.

By the way, before anyone asks, yes, I entered the APN settings accurately -- minus one crucial detail -- the MMS Protocol field is completely MISSING from my phone's APN page (hence the need to create a second profile for MMS alone). I've tried googling this problem, and all I've seen are questions without answers. So to bypass all of that, I have come to you.

Can I, well, hack the hell out of my phone to let me use MMS?

Thank you so much for taking the time, I'm looking forward to utilizing and being a part of this community! :)

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