Help with HTC Sensation 4g z710a


Aug 21, 2013
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Hey guys, new here and trying to get my phone repaired up.

I had it recently sent out to Futuretel in Canada for repairs.
They quoted me 535$ for screen, circuit board, I too thought this was extreme.

I had them ship it back to me and I brought it to a local shop to get fixed, the shop fixed the screen no problem.

My circuit board is not the issue because the phone turns on and off, my previous set alarms go off, still in usable condition, nothing wrong with Circuit board like they said.

I had ordered a new battery for the phone since my other one has imploded or something. Received battery today, so I plugged it in to charge. It charged for 10 seconds and the orange light went off. If I plug the charger back in the light will not come on at all, I have to remove the battery and replug the charger back into the phone to achieve the 10 second orange light.

Recently in the last 10 minutes the orange light has stayed on and is a positive sign. When the orange charging light was only staying on for 10 seconds I tried to press the power button and got a quick flash of light to the screen and then off again, assuming it does not have enough power to fire up.

Is there any way or any program that I can hook my HTC up to my CPU and have a diagnostics ran to see if there is a hardware malfunction or if it is simply the files that are needed to boot. ** As of now the phone will not fire up, I am letting it charge for atleast 2 hours before trying to fire it up again. I need to know if the program will work if the phone is completely off as well, thanks!!

Any information is helpful and will be much appreciated. If I have not left enough information please let me know and I will post it up as needed.

Thanks, J.

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