help with setting up my oneplus 10t

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so i just recentlly upgraded my 5t which i used for almost 5 years to 10t.
i havent updated my oxygen os from 8 so now that i got os 12 it feels weird and im trying to find some features that i had and cant find them, so i will ask here: 5t had notification lights which i could kinda coustomize (for example, phone charging fast is static blue,phone full is flashing green,sms is flashing white) and i really miss having it.
theres the horizon light which only works once and the AOD only shows icons and not specific things (for example, whatsapp group msg was flashing blue while whatsapp dm is flashing red).

2.i had 2 vibrations and notifiction sounds which the weaker/shorter one was for not important stuffs like mail/group msg/genreal apps notifictions and the stronger/longer one was for sms/dm/specific apps, is there anything like that?

3.all the icons have white background (even round google icons like chrome) any way to remove it?

4.i noticed that some games keep the screen from turning off even after the set time i picked in the settings, whats up with that? there a way to move the shelf/game tools drag down areas? i used the right top corner for sliding my notifiction bar down now since i dont have the back finger print scanner anymore and i still want to have acsses to the shelf. there a way to make the shelf in the left most home screen page? i rather have it then the google news feed which i dont use.

7.some of my apps are limited to only 60 fps, any way to remove it?

8.the charging is really quick and i cant keep it from charging to 100% (mid-day) because im doing different things, any way to limit it? there a way to make changing modes (normal/vibrete/silent) easier? oxygen os 13 live? ive seen some posts which claim it is but the phone say im up to date when checking in the settings.

and i would like to ask for some recommendtions for (free) apps for:music player/file explorer/quick way to pass files between my phone-pc-galaxy tab s8.

thanks in advence!