Help yellow streak on phone


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I have the sony xperia xa and on the side by the power button and volume there's a yellow streak the top part is visible as it has a hint of purple the rest is faint. Can I just leave it or should I use the screen fix tool I don't want it to spread

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It sounds like a screen defect. I'm not sure if any screen fix tool will help that. Is the phone old or new? Still under warranty?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Yellow shading to purple sounds like a broken screen - physically broken. Whether it spreads or not depends on exactly what's broken (row or column - probably column, from the way you describe it, so it would only spread as a thin like from top to bottom). If, as B. Diddy asked, it's under warranty, they might replace the screen (although broken screens normally aren't covered, since it's always assumed that it broke because of something you did).


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Jan 13, 2017
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Hi I thought it was a screen in burn as when I type that in I see the same thing as what I have on my phone. I've realised that the bigger part sometimes stays yellow but after it gets hot or something it goes slightly purple. The streak does not go from the top to the bottom but a small section and also it was actually there before but I thought it had gone away but from takin my screen protector of I can see that it's still there but very lightly but from tightly holding on to it it has made the top part a bit visible. I'm hearing that it may be due to the glue not being fixed properly. I haven't really badly damaged or dropped my phone I had a tempred glass screen protector on and a 360° case on. I will go to my store but I guess I will have to take of the tempred glass screen as it has shattered from trying to see what the issue is.