Heres a suggestion if your looking for a nice BT headset


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Jun 4, 2012
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For anyone looking for a good bluetooth headset or for anyone who doesnt wanna be seen holding this bad boy against your head lol. I got this for both reasons (My note is awesome, but I feel bluetooth is the better route to go for both talk and music playback. Im not too fond of Cables with this monster.
Heres my quick review:

Build quality: I owned the previous lg tone hbs 700 model and these 730's are a reall2 nice upgrade; same build quality, only w changes are instead of the screaming orange there was on the ear bud holders its not silver. Its a nice touch cause it doesn't scream geek (lol) And its lighter. :)

Sound (calls) : From owning both models, these sound way better and not at all distorted like the 700's did (BT radio differences (3.0 vs 2.1)

Music: IMO this is where these shine, they sound really good to me, bass is nice and deep. Music sounds crystal clear with these. (Poweramp is a must if your a bass lover like my self. )

Range: I cant really say as I have no need to be that far away from my note since battery is awesome. :D

Battery: So far so good, nice 14hrs outta it :D

Price Range: ($55) (I paid 65 cause I got 2 day shipping :p)

Overall : best bt I've owned (I've had 2 Motorola ones and the other LG tone ones) in price, comfort, battery life, sound quality and everything else :D

I recommend these if your onna budget and or dont wanna get those stares of being a geek with ya big phone. ;) :D

Edit: I forgot to mention that the ear buds that come with these arw interchangeable; I suggest changing the earbuds to the biggest ones that they give you as(gonna sound strange) they produce a better sound (IMO) and the N.C. is alot better as they form a seal with your ear. :D

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