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Sep 24, 2011
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This is my first post and first time on Android Central. Just wanted to say, "what's up"!

I've been a BlackBerry user for YEARS and have FINALLY gotten to the point where I can't take it anymore! I'M DONE!

So, the question is, what to do now? I was certain that iPhone would be the logical choice for me since I've always been a "Mac Guy". However, after some research and investigation, I don't think iPhone is for me. Too restrictive, too simple. It's that simple. :p

I think if I can find the right device, Android is for me. I've been with Verizon Wireless since before it's inception (Airtouch Cellular) and plan to stay here. I was in a Verizon store the other day tinkering with a Droid Bionic and......WOW.....I was sold. Although, I'm not very impulsive (well, I am but I try and surpress it) so I didn't purchase the device. I wanted to consult with the experts (YOU ALL) and make an educated decision before acquiring my first Android device.

So.....with Verizon in mind I assume most of you would agree that the Droid Bionic is the most advanced and capable device available. Yes? No? After just a tiny bit of research online I've learned that the Samsung Droid Prime is set for an October or early November release. Half again as much processor speed, an even better HD display, and more...........!

What to do??? Hook it up people!! Please share your thoughts and thanks for lettin' me join in on the fun here at AC! :cool:


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Nov 28, 2010
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Well... you came to the right place. Stop by the Bionic forum and check out the members reviews. Also stop by the rumored devices and join the discussion on the Prime and HTC Vigor.
Enjoy the forums!

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