hi excuse me and forgive me what a mess on my introduced


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May 23, 2012
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Hi, just another person thats likes to destroy my computer , lap top , and I just bought me self an Acer iconic a500 32th . and dummy me I will do whats I know best is to make my Acer crash ops okay I already crashed it once . I started off by buying a rubbish BlackBerry. well I argue with store and said few words 2 weeks trail and i thought it was only for brand new items. but please give it to some other person story . not me its rubbish make it a thirty day
trail if not liking rubbish BlackBerry I return in thirty days well after three weeks of BlackBerry playbook , I better stick with my BlackBerry curve 9800 . I went back store to return dummy blackbvery and now I am enjoying my Acer iconic a500. wow its a very big difference between BlackBerry playbook and Acer iconic a500. Acer if way better then BlackBerry . BlackBerry is too contro:cool:lling and cant do anything at all . I think its only good for kids. Acer you vs enjoy without controlling and t. blackberry get rid of your site and allow the people do want they want . BlackBerry is only famous by the name .. Acer way way better . thumbs up . :cool:

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