Hi, just trying to see if this a common problem with S6 or are we cursed?


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Mar 3, 2016
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We were with Verizon for one term (2 years) and time got away from us so we just renewed it, we are not even a year into this new term

I'll start with the past and move forward, so we are in let's say our 3.5 or years with Verizon. The first term I have NEVER had such HORRIBLE customer service in my life. I always do chat, I want a written record of what is going on. I save them all. I have been disconnected I don't know how many times, when I did call to say I didn't like the stupid Iphone (always been a Android) and the guy literally laughed at me and said "well, that's what you get for buying a crappy phone".. SIGH.. (I'll stop now, this went on for 2 years)

Enter 2nd term, we renewed with them only because we were short on time and since claiming bankruptcy, no one else would take us (can't recall) plus we did a lot of homework on this Samsung S6, yeah it was the big WHOOP DE DOO, people couldn't wait.

So, I'd say 2 months into this term, my Husbands phone just stopped working, black screen, acting totally strange. So, they sent one of their crappy refurbished phones (now, I'm not dumb, but if this NEW phone dies in 2 months, shouldn't he get a NEW ONE????) but so far, so good with his.

So, this brings us to this January.
Well we got them at the same time, the first one just stopped charging, we bought several cords, plugs etc and it wouldn't charge. Luckily it came on long enough to wipe it and wait for the replacement. I get yet another refurb and since it was a charging issue (same thing as my Husband) you'd think they'd send a new cord to see if that was the issue, but no. Ok, and I kid you not, 3 1/2 weeks later, it stopped working!!! I write, I demanded a NEW phone since this will now be my 3rd phone. The girl said she would speak to her supervisor and get an ok to send a new one. (of course, this time I forgot to copy the chat, I was livid). So, they ship it out, and now I have yet another refurbished phone.

What the heck is going on? So all in all, we have had 5 phones in the span of not even a year.
Then they told me to contact Samsung to replace the charger, as they didn't have any. WELL, my charger broke, one prong is stuck in a outlet and was unuseable so I threw it away (DUH) and they told me that the only way they will replace my charger is if I turned the old one in, period. I said the above and they didn't give a crap.

Just had to vent and see if it's just us. Thanks if you got this far!


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Jun 1, 2010
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I think id like to help step in and clarify a few things for you.
I dont believe ANY of this is Verizons fault. If your out of contract you are not required to sign a new one. You simply go month to month. You still need to pay them on time but your simply out of contract.
If you had such horrible customer service with them why stay? You are a consumer and have the right to change carriers. Moving on.
Heres where we need some clarification. WHO sent you the crappy Refurb? Not Verizon as they are not in the refurb business. They are the service provider. Im learning toward you having insurance as they are the ones who deal with replacement phones. Unless you got a warranty phone from the manufacturer? Problem is we dont know because you didnt tell us. More then likely it was Asurion as they are the ones who provide the insurance for the carriers. FYI, your phone was used, (New phone used for 2 months = used phone) so why should you get a new one. You sent them a broken used phone so you get a repaired / refurbished one back.
If you read the paperwork with the replacement phone, it says you only send in the phone its self, not accessories. Its a phone swap. Regardless of what fails, your swapping the phone.
Heres the part i agree with you on, why did it stop working so soon after replacement? Being in the wireless industry for over 10 years i can tell you i have seen a lot of complaints of Asurions quality control. So just a heads up. Now with that said "Demanding" a new phone wont get you a new phone because again your dealing with used equipment and with a 3rd party provider. Not Verizon the wireless provider, Not Samsung the manufacturer, but a 3rd party insurance company.
If you had a defective charger why would you throw it away? To quote you DUH. LOL sorry couldnt resist. But seriously. If you have a defective product and ask the manufacturer to replace it they will want the defective unit back. Thats how warrantys work with manufacturers. They need to see if its an isolated incident, inspect the damaged unit to verify its a warranty issue or customer abuse.

The good news is hopefully your a bit more educated about how this stuff works. If you pay for insurance and deal with them it will be a refurbished device. You have the right to deal with the manufacturer so if you didnt damage the phone you should have gone that route.

Please follow up with us and let us know if it was insurance/Asurion or if you were dealing with Samsung? Did they make you pay a deductible? Theres a bit of missing information.

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