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Sep 13, 2011
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Hi all,

Recently made the switch from Palm Pre to the Evo 3D and I'm loving it. I picked up a Otterbox case on day 1 and I'm glad I did, that thing is bullet-proof.

One of my fav apps is the A HIIT Timer to use in the gym.

Just wondering if any others on the forum use their Evo alot in the gym? I'm open to other any work-out related app suggestions.

Another thing I'm currently considering is an armband so I can listen to music in the gym without bringing a separate music player and a FM transmitter or Bluetooth / FM transmitter so I can listen to music on my car's speakers. My stock head unit doesn't have an aux input or bluetooth integration so I'm stuck with needing an FM transmitter.I'm open to any suggestions.

Also looking at some of the music apps available. Considering Spotify Premium to replace my zune with zune pass. My old 6 gb Zune player was stolen (yes, I was one of 50 people with a Zune, you can stop laughing ;-) ) and I like the all you can download model of zune pass, so I'm looking to get a similar sort of service for my Evo 3D - any suggestions?

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