Hi, T-mobile Sidekick 4G User needing advancments


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Sep 19, 2011
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Okay, I am in search of many different things and I am not sure where to start. Hopefully someone out there can get me headed in the right direction. I am some what knowledgeable when it comes to alot of the stuff and average cell user would know. I am in fact the type that would be up all night searching and exploring all and any new information regarding whatever the device is that I am using at that time. As for my T mobile Sidekick 4G; the information is limited. So here's what I am in search of;

Instruction (sort of semi-simple) on rooting.
I've got, rageagainstthecage-arm5 and su-, but I'd like to have step by step directions. I basically know where to go to place the files but I want to ensure I am doing it correctly. !00%

I wanted to know is there a way to uninstall or even move to sd card the apps that where installed with the phone. Such as the ones I will never use that have no affect with how the OS runs.

And besides maybe rooting the phone, what other ways are there to make the phones performance better. (minus the info given by the phone, or common knowledge)

Okay thats it for now. Hope somone out there can help me. Thank you!:-*

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Mar 3, 2011
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yeah, we can help you. But first, you need to post this in the general for starters. Then your device forum later.

This is a say hello section

We love rooters and rommers.

Also, you can PM (private message) and I will look for some things if you don't get the answer on your device forum.

Personally, you should post first, so that others may get some info they need.

Not sure if there is a forum for your device, if not, post it in the General Android.

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