Hisense Sero 7 Pro Update Kills Skype


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Aug 6, 2013
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After installing the Sero 7 Pro update Skype no longer works on my tablet. I uninstalled and reinstalled the previous version of Skype ( since Skype also recently updated to version Neither version of Skype will now run. The program bombs out on startup. Doesn't seem to be able to get past the login. Anyone else having this problem? Hisense doesn't even have the Sero 7 listed on their support page :>(

Update: Uninstalled latest version of Skype, reinstalled old version of Skype, then upgraded via Google Play. Now it works. But having bluetooth problems. My Sero 7 pairs with my bluetooth cell phone and my laptop, but can't seem to get any connection to either bluetooth device from the Sero 7 Pro.
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Jul 16, 2012
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Skype works just fine for me. I have updated the tablet, on the latest version of Skype, and I'm rooted.

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