HiSuite says I have the latest offical version but phone prompts update - update inconsistencies


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Jul 24, 2018
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So I was plugging my phone to my PC to do a regular back-up and HiSuite prompted me for a system update, which by the way my phone hadn't. I don't have WiFi so that suits me as I save data, even if I wasn't aware you could do system updates via HiSuite. Anyway, I updated and my phone rebooted and all that. Coincidentally (?) the next day my phone prompts me for an update, the 8.0 Oreo update. I find it strange this happens right after the night that I updated via HiSuite. So I tried HiSuite again but it said that I have the latest official version (this made sense when considering I updated the night before), but my phone prompts me for the 8.0 Oreo update. Obviously Oreo is the latest and I don't have it so my phone is right, question is why HiSuite says I have the latest. Is 8.0 Oreo not official or does it just take HiSuite some time?

It's strange because initially it seemed the other way around, where I hadn't had a update in a good while and then I go into HiSuite and only then do I get an update prompt. And the last bit that this update hit me the night before the Oreo update prompt that hit me via the phone. Whether all these are merely coincidences I dunno. Seems a bit inconsistent to me. If it is of any relevance my phone is a Honor 8 Lite.

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