Hmmm, touchless calling with the voice controls, info on the just up moto x help page,


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Aug 3, 2013
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if you sign in there are help pages, all the help topics are there. here's some info a couple of us were wondering re: touchless calling.

Call while locked - Place calls even when your phone is locked (checked)
Confirm before calling - Choose from three options

Always place call without confirming (default)
Confirm based on calling history
Always ask before placing a call

Language & Input - Change the language to be used

"Touchless Control allows you to call without having to unlock your phone out of the box. If you turned off "Call while locked" in Settings -> Touchless Control then you will have to unlock each time in order to call.
How do I set up Touchless Control to turn on the Moto X speakerphone automatically when making a voice call?

To use speakerphone instead as a default when calling simply go to Settings -> Touchless Control -> Use Speakerphone - just check it. If you don't have a setting for Use Speakerphone, please go to the Play Store and update Touchless Control to the latest version.
How does the "Confirm before call" setting work?

The "Confirm before call" setting controls how Touchless Control behaves when it finds a single match in your address book. The three choices are: "call immediately" which is set by default, "ask to call", or "use your past calling history" to determine the most appropriate action. When using your history we take into account recent calls and if the contact has been marked as a favorite to decide on the best course of action.
How can I use Touchless Control with another phone application like Skype or Google Voice?

Touchless Control opens all applications that are registered as calling applications. Once Touchless Control starts calling, your phone will present you with a choice of which application you want to use. Simply tap on that application to use it for the call.



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Dec 13, 2011
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Great find! Thanks for the confirmation.

The Moto X is looking sweeter and sweeter to me, and I'm eligible for an upgrade as of today. The only thing holding me back thus far is the camera. It looks like some people are happy with it while some aren't. Hopefully we get a confirmed release date soon, as I'm ready to go play with it in the store.

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