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Home frm Afghanistan, tried factory reset on tablet, get dead droid symbol


AC Question

Ok, so upon returning from Afghanistan (Marines) recently, among other "not so great" events that have taken place, i Learned my wife who i've sacrificed time & time again for & been FAITHFUL for 7yrs too, decided to cheat alot while i was doing my 4th deployment all together, my 2nd in "the war" in Afghanistan. Well, long story kinda short, we've split & her being her childish selfish self, is mad at me/punishing me for her breaking our vows & me not just being ok with it and asking where should we go to dinner lmfao, & one of MANY ways shes doing so is not telling me what the password is that she put on my tablet. So, tried the factory wipe thing (hold volume and power, then release power while holding volume) and it starts to power up, has a droid symbol standing with a sphere type thing spinning in stomach, and words pop up about deleteing sd data & something else, but then a dead droid pops up with the red triangle. So i cut off & back on, and goes back to lock screen. So, attempted to do system wipe/reset again and again and same thing each time, dead droid. PLEASEEEEE can anyone help?


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Jan 17, 2016
I feel your pain mate, it's just wrong! If the lady had all access to all your accounts, then she could lock you out of anything she wants. The only way is to get her to unlock it all, or you'll have to get new accounts and devices. There are no back doors to secure settings, else they wouldn't be secure hey...
Sorry mate, she has the power to rule them all...
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