Home WiFi suddenly slow (only for my android devices) i.e- Note5


AC Question

My Home setup...

Downstairs (rarely anyone downstairs) is where our cable comes into the house.
Our cable modem is down there and it has wifi turned off (seems to have a bug where even if you turn it off, it's on...)
Upstairs, I have an access point plugged into the network (via cat5) and we connect to this WAP with all our devices.

I'm Android,She's apple
I'm techy, she's not...

A while back (3 months ago maybe?) she was complaining that the internet was down for her... while, at the same time, i'm in the same room surfing and doing stuff on my Note5 w/o issue.

I ended up unplugging and replugging my wap and it resolved her issue.

Some time passes, and about 3-4 weeks ago, all the sudden my Wifi is just about unusable. It seems the initial handshake to the remote site takes forever . Once it negotiates a connection to pull in an image for tumblr for instance, it loads the image quick as usual. I play one game on my phone... On wifi, the initial load screen takes forever to pop up and then the game plays fine.
Searching the web is tedious with all the lag for each new html / image lagging.

Also noteworthy.. at the same time, I'm getting tone of Screen overlay detected errors.

I come in to work and connect to my work wifi and everything is smooth sailing with no lag issues and no screen overlay detected issues

wap - Dlink DAP-2553 -wpa/wpa2 psk
Cable Modem/router - Netgear C3000D - wpa/wpa2 psk
Work - Cisco Waps - wpa2 psk

I've un/replugged the home cablemodem/router as well as the wap.
I've tried connecting to the cable modem/router access point instead of the wap
I've reset the cable modem back to factory
I've tried things with and without bluetooth enabled.

The same issue presents itself on my Galaxy Tab S as is happening on my Note3 and my Note5.

This is very frustrating.
I don't want to use my 4G time while at home

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