Homescreen notifications not working


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Feb 26, 2016
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Hi, I'm having problems with homescreen notifications. I'm running Android auto on Astra K's Intellilink 4.0 using my S4 Active (5.0.1 original FW). I'm not in oficially supported country (Czech rep.), but I've managed to make it run using tutorial on xda developers (proxy into NYC and whatnot).

Everything seems to be working ok, except homescreen notificatios. It seems like its stuck in some kind of demo mode - it always shows cards like "Drive to hoover dam", "Weather in Las Vegas" and recent call from (650) 253-0000 (but clicking on it will open up dialer and start dialing my real recent call). Receiving notifications from hangouts seems to be working ok though.

I've tried reseting headunit to factory settings, clearing AA data, cache, uninstalling it, clearing play store cache but nothing seems to be working. I'm always stuck with the same cards on home screen no matter what.

I've also noticed that the night mode in google maps is not working (it's always in day mode) but if I unplug phone and open maps, they switch to night mode without problem. Also I can use the phone normally even when plugged in and running AA on headunit (no black screen with AA logo).

I would appreciate any help, I've tried googling but haven't found anything related to this issue.