Honeycomb On My Hp Touchpad


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Dec 14, 2010
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Sup Boys and Girls,
I thought i would share this tasty morsel with you all, Make it look like honeycomb is running on your hp touchpad!! I wanted to give back to this great community in some way.

Included i will attach everything you need if you wish to make your own. Though i will not take any credit for anything as it was gathered and created from already existing stuff by more talented people than my self.

First we look at the lock screen:
Widget Locker - Paid, A few bucks awesome on my phone too.

Next the Good stuff, those Icons:
I spun my own version of the search bar by including some ics colored Magnifier Glass and those cool underlined things to highlight.

The Aps Drawer taken as it is in any Honeycome tab: Super awesome.
Took me hours to get the sizes and resolution correct as im a novice in Photoshop.

Now you may ask your self how can those icons launch the correct applications? Well let me introduce you to one of the most powerful apps in the market for customizing your phone IMO. Its Called Desktop Visualizer. https://market.android.com/details?id=jp.co.bii.android.app.dskvzr&feature=search_result
For alot of you, you might already be familiar with this particular app but It allows you to drop a widget on any home screen at the size you want 4x1 1x1 ext. Then Select any image file for that widget, Then Choose what app it launches. On top of adding a name if you choose so it matches you other apps, the color it highlights and a few other awesome things.
So all i did was add 4x1 on the top left and top right, dropped in the correct image files and told it to launch the google search when pressed.

Also this credit is for your very own Batting1000 on android central, this thread im writting now is basically spawned from his thread on a guide how to get ics looking on your phone with that Desktop Visualiser Ap and Launcher Pro. Biggest thanks to this guy: as why im writting this huge thread. http://forums.androidcentral.com/wa...o-ice-cream-sandwich-how-updated-10-19-a.html

It also took me hours to attempt to find a way to make the app drawer launch for the honeycomb drawer icon. For Desktop VisualiseR you might know it only launches apps and As the drawer has no physical app i just couldnt find anyways around it to do the launching. ADW had its own app icon but i couldnt change it to be the correct size for my icon.
Untill i found an ap called Alt Drawer: By the very talented xuso at XDA [APP][30 JUL]ALTDRAWER 0.7.1 Alternative APP DRAWER [Perfect for MIUI] [Many options] - xda-developers
Boom Problem solved! a drawer replacement, allows for some customizing and importantly to launch my apps drawer!!!

Below attached are the image files...Both icons should be a PNG but one of them apparantly is a JPG? should still work.

Lastly is the Sweetest Theme i could find, Personally i didnt like the honeycomb theme that you can get with Cyanogens Theme Chooser just cus the buttons were a lil to small for my liking. So From talented joenathane also right on xda here you go [Theme] Ice Cream Sandwich [TABLET TWEAKED][CM7][Alpha 3] - xda-developers
Comes with the apk and a quick update zip and boom super stable.

Other Minor Notables i have running is ADW launcher with full 8x8 icons graph, ADW Honeycomb icon pack. running no transitions from screen to screen but included a small overlay bounce kinda to match the Moto Xoom, just feels smooth. Running Cyanogen Alpha 3 with no problems.

Below find everything you need to feel free to customize at your will: Enjoy a quick youtube demo showing off the smoothness, tuned to some awesome Trivium.
And some screen shots since the Vid was taken with my HTC Evo.

If you use the icons lets see some screens in this topic would be cool to see!


Credits and Massive Thank Yous:
Cyanogen Mod Team!
Android Central
Bll Inc - Desktop VisualisR
Any other developer that makes android what it is.
Reverendkjr - Youtube your vids helped me decide to go to android on the touchpad!

- Video background burp credit goes to my girlfriend :)


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Dec 14, 2010
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hahah yeah well i tend to be detailed.
Short version is Download the Icons, Get desktop Visualizer and boom your pretty much set.

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