Honeycomb Phone (from the Emulator) (many pictures to load)


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Jul 16, 2010
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I know way back when when the first honeycomb preview came out, there was a smartphone lockscreen, and a crashing launcher. With todays update, I went back to that, and played around. Much of this stuff is NOT NEW. However, I just wanted to show people that google either has honeycomb apps for phones, or they designed the honeycomb apps to have both a phone or tablet interface. Not sure which. Also might show just what a honeycomb phone might have, and what honeycomb features google plans on giving them. The biggest difference I see is the new icons in the notification bar, and the new clock font.

AVD specs:
Screen res: 800x480
Density: 240
API level: 11 (Honeycomb)

The Emulator was running on my desktop, which is running Linux Mint. I had one crash (email app), but this isn't going to win performance crowns. Still, much better than the last preview.

I am not a hacker/developer. I did not push any apps to/from the device. I did nothing to it, just stock honeycomb. I used the exact same API level to make a virtual tablet that looks like the normal honeycomb we all have seen on XOOM videos.

Ok, start off with the lockscreen. Nothing new, we saw it on the last preview. In fact, that is all we saw.

Now the Homescreen. Looks familiar :p

Here, I tried to capture the screen transition. You can sort of see that the search bar is tilted away. Same transition as on the XOOM, just no glowing blue bars.

Here is the widget picker. Still the normal picker we are all used to. You'll notice that trend.

Here's something cool. The email widget is making it to phones (I think). It's all transparent, so it might be buggy. I couldn't actually open email without an FC though. I assume Gmail widget will be available as well

Now, for kicks, the notification bar looks like...a notification bar

A few more apps. First the Camera. I don't know what the gingerbread camera looks like, but this is obviously not the dial tablet interface of XOOM fame.

Next up is Browser. It also looks like...Browser.

And finally calculator that looks like...stock calculator


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