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So I went ahead an installed everything is a bit of a rush when my S7 Edge arrived, my Note 4 had been an amazing phone and I figured simply installing everything the same on the S7 would be fine. I noticed the phone was draining about 6% over night with everything off except wifi and AOD. Also, when just browsing via chrome, the phone visually chomps through battery at a crazy rate! I figured something was corrupt so I factory reset the phone. Having only installed Facebook and Messenger, I fully charged the phone and left it sat over night. Same thing again, 6% battery drain and huge drop offs if I do anything on the phone. As an example, I woke up to it at 44%, other than browsing a few websites I've left it sat and its already down to 26% after less than an hour. Do these phones need a bedding in period or do I have a screwy battery?


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Jan 13, 2011
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First off, if this a brand new device, give it a few days to settle. Most devices have a higher battery drain the first couple of days. The phone will be doing a lot of background processes such as building cached files and etc.

Have you looked to see what is using most of the battery? Settings > System > Battery > Battery Usage. Look to see what is draining the battery the most.

Few other tips:

Check your reception strength. Weaker the reception strength, the more battery drain that occurs.

Check to make sure your software is up to date.

Check your settings for accounts that are syncing and see how often they are syncing. Turn off the ones you don't need and the others, make them sync less often.

Turn Google location history off.

You could reflash the stock firmware via Odin software. It is possible to have faulty firmware pre-installed and doing a factory reset will not fix it since it's faulty to begin with.