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Dec 23, 2010
My girlfriend and I needed to get away for a weekend. We just so happened to be in the LA area. We figured why not drive to Palm Springs, CA and find something to do there. I had an app that I had been wanting to use for a good while, Hotel Tonight. I signed on at noon and checked the deals they had. I found a room that is usually $140/night at $104/night. Because someone had referred me to this app I had a $25 credit. So I got the room at $79. It was The Renaissance Palm Springs. This was an amazing hotel! Great service and clean rooms. I loved the Hotel Tonight app it made booking the room so easy. I really recommend anyone looking to book a last minute hotel to look at this app and give it a try. If you look into it. Use my promo code: RMEDINA28 and you'll get $25 dollar credit to sign up. I will get an additional $25 when you book your first room. Then you will get your own code to refer people to this app as well. I just thought I'd share this app a little more since it was featured on the last Editor's Picks.
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