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Dec 18, 2012
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I just switched from the iPhone 4s to the Galaxy S3 and I am still getting used to it, my main complaint is that my iPhone had no problem giving me access to my old hotmail accounts (I have 4), and allowing me to leave my old messages on the server and still have access the; yet It seems that the stock email app will not give me this same access to my old emails on the server and will only load the most recent ones. Is there any way to give me access to search my server-side emails without downloading thousands of messages directly onto my phone. I know that some will say get rid of my old accounts and why would I want to have access to old emails, but those aren't the central issue, I am just wondering if the iPhone has the S3 beat in this department, since I can type in a word to search through my old emails and it will allow me to "continue search on server." I have tried Aquamail, the Hotmail app, and K-9; and it seems that there isn't an option to let me store say only the 25 most recent emails on my phone from hotmail and leave the rest on the server, but still allow me to access and search them if I want to from my phone right on the server. I don't like the idea of changing everything over to Gmail or deleting all my old messages or not having access to them because I have to, and it doesn't seem like a solution, when it wasn't forced upon me with my iPhone. Please help me or let me know if there is any setting to do this, as I am trying to make my transition to Android as seamless as possible. I have also tried setting up my hotmail accounts directly through my gmail account, but it seems a little more messy than having direct access to all of my email accounts seperately. I know someone has also mentioned Touchdown, but I don't feel that I should need to pay for an application when my old iPhone's native app did this without any kind of workaround or fees. I'm hoping that I am simply doing this wrong and there is an obvious way to accomplish this, but so far I haven't found one.

Also, I noticed that the group texting is not very seamless, I have been using GoSMS, since the native text messaging appliction will retrieve group texts as separate threads. I have found that GoSMS will notify me once that I received a text from a person in the group conversation, and when I click the text message, there will not be a new message, instead it will move said message over to the group message. Is there anyway to make group texting better, because this seems very slow and clunky, once again, the iPhone handled this like butter and I'm hoping it's not another limitation of the Android interface compared to Apple's.

I've always been someone who supports competition and I think Apple has been resting on it's laurels for far too long with the iPhone, which is why I made the switch to Android. I really want to love my new phone, and I like the ability to have the users make content for it, but I just want to make sure the things I do a lot on my old iPhone can be done with this one. It's disappointing when it seems like to do something seemingly simple on my new phone it has to be paid for or some kind of make-shift workaround from duct tape and toothpicks has to be created to reach a less satisfactory end result than my old iPhone. I just assumed that Android had made up all of the ground on Apple and then some, but in these cases, it seems like Android still hasn't caught up to features that have been implemented in the iPhone for years.

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