Hotspot widget or rooting for Evo Shift (speedy version)


Feb 22, 2011
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Well, I got my Evo Shift a week ago and thanks to a co worker I found out about rooting. I thought I could do it on my own too. Watched several youtube videos and attempted to root this weekend. Well, halfway through and I find out that my device (speedy) can't be rooted using unrevoked. So I downloaded hotspot widget from the market as did my husband for his Optimus S. It works great for his phone but not mine. I was not sure what to do when it came up requiring a password so today I figured out the default password and put it in. It connected but only for local access only, no internet. Is there a way to fix that? I'm on Sprint by the way. If I can't fix that, is there an easy and reliable way to root my Shift so I can use my phone as a wireless hotspot? I hope someone can help. Right now I am using PdaNet which is fine but I would prefer a wireless connection.