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How can a visual voicemail be saved off of a phone & backed up to the cloud?

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A close friend who recently lost her father wants to preserve the last ever voicemail he sent her. She needs a way to retrieve it off of her Galaxy S8+ as well as a second phone she has it on. I’m afraid I’m of very little help to her as I use an iPhone. I’m sure there must be some way with an app or function on the phone itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Feb 6, 2017
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Aug 5, 2015
By default, the voicemail message is NOT saved to the phone, but stays on the carrier's server (for a limited amount of time).

From the Visual Voicemail app:
- find the desired message
- save it to the phone
(Pay attention to which folder they are saved to.)
The files may be stored in a format other than MP3. That can be fixed later.

Now that the file(s) are on the phone, the files can be copied to a computer like any other file and/or copied to a file service sharing folder on the phone (dropbox, google drive, Microsoft One Drive) for storing in the "cloud".