How can I add games back to my homescreen after this update? (Galaxy S7)

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I just installed the latest update for my Samsung Galaxy S7, and one of the side effects is that all my game icons have been removed from the homescreen. I get that they're trying to push their Game Launcher, but I don't want Samsung pushing me ads, this adds extra clicks to get to my most commonly used apps, which is bad UX.

There's a setting in the game launcher which hides games on Home and Apps screens, but even when I disable that option I'm unable to find them where I need them! Does anyone have a way to fix this?

Galvantula Swarm

New member
Jun 18, 2018
So I've tested out downloading new apps, and uninstalling and then reinstalling my old apps back, and that seems to pull them out of the Play Games hub. Just make sure your accounts are connected or that you can log back in before uninstalling!!