how can I add new google account to samsung galaxy gtI9000 phone


AC Question

I have been given old android phone by a relative who added me as a user to google account.
My google account would not sync and I could not delete her default account. I kept getting a sign in error 'you have entered the wrong password or your account has changed'.
So I changed my google password on my pc, this did not work and I got sign in error messages when I signed into phone.
So I set up 2 stage verification to generate application specific password for gmail app on my android phone. This did not work so I went through process of adding account again. Neither entering the 16 digit application specific password or my new google password or google generated 6 digit number have worked when I try to add google account to the phone.
I just get message can't establish a reliable connection to the server, this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data service (it is).

I tried deleting caches and data for all google applications (gmail, gmail storage, youtube, google apps, market) and also entering a router address on my mobile browser but still cannot add the google account.

I am not entering the wrong password e.g. accidental first letter uppercase. I don't want to reset the phone as I have saved memos and calendar entries on it.

My relative has changed her password, got a google verification digit a few times to help me resolve this and I work out I have spent about 10 days trying to fix this problem in batches of a few days at a time.

Would you please let me know if you have any other solution?

Phone is Samsung galaxy GT-i9000 with firmware 2.1.